Q. What is chrome metal plating?
A. It’s a type of plating in which chrome metal covers the top surface. It prevents oxidization, in other words, rust. Its decorative aspect is also one of its characteristics.
Q. What kind of chemical is the product?
A. It is a chemical that applies a glass layer to the surface as though it was wax.
Q. Why does the plating have to be coated with a glass layer?
A. Chrome plating has millions of invisible holes where water and air can come in and cause spotty rust. By applying a coating, the holes will be filled in with the product, which leads to drastic improvement in durability。
Q. What is Organo glass coating?
A. Conventional glass coating products are mostly hydrophilic nature. In contrast, MEKKING is hydrophobic. It has a better function for keeping off water, oil and dust as a coating product. Organo is a new coating process that combines the hydrophobic capability of Organo with the beautiful coating skills of a glass coat. That’s a new classification called Organo glass coating.
Q. What is the difference from other types of glass coating?
A. The quality doesn’t deteriorate after you open the product. Conventional glass coating is a film formed chemical. However, the glass particles in MEKKING are made very fine in order to fill in the holes on chrome metal plating.
Q. What’s the difference from wax?
A. MEKKING is a protectant that keeps oil away. However oil is the main element of wax. Oil has the function of getting oxidized before metal does to protect the metal layer. Please note that the dirt from oil corrosion can cause rust if you reapply the product on a regular basis.
Q. What’s the difference from polymer?
A. The main ingredient is different. Polymer is resin system silicon
Q. Can I use MEKKING on top of wax or polymer?
A. The main ingredient of wax is oil, which can is prone to oxidation. It’s better to remove the wax before you apply the product.
If a hardening of the layer happens in such structure, there is a high chance that the inside of MEKKING gets rusty. It would look similar to corrosion inside of the clear coating of aluminum polish.
■The main component of the polymer is similar to plastic. It is relatively resistant to corrosion, so there would be no problem with applying the product on top of the polymer. Generally speaking, polymer resembles a plastic layer. MEKKING resembles a glass layer.
Therefore, MEKKING has a better glossy look and resistance.
Q. Can the product remove rust?
A. The product is invented to maintain the luster of chrome plating. It’s not for removing rust. Please use SABITORIKING for getting rid of rust.
Q. I’m not professional. Can I use the product?
A. Yes. The product is a strong chemical. Please follow the handling precautions.
Q. Does the product contain abrasive cleanser?
A. No, it doesn’t. Chrome plating has a very thin layer (approximately 0.002μm), which can be easily peeled off with an abrasive cleanser. The base of the plating might appear.
Q. Does it really prevent rust?
A. MEKKING creates a layer on metal plating, which blocks off oxygen, the cause of oxidation. It is a great product that wards off factors causing corrosion, such as oxygen, water, oil and dust. However, it is difficult to hold back oxidation completely. Regular application of the product can help plating to stay clean from rust.
Q. How long does the effect last?
A. Chrome isn’t prone to oxidization. By filling in the holes with MEKKING, durability of plating will improve dramatically. After you apply the product three times over 2 to 6 weeks, you only need to reapply the product several times a year.
Q. Can I use the product besides on chrome plating?
A. You can’t use it on painted surface. It makes the surface glossy. Aluminum polish and metal materials should be fine. However, please try the product on an inconspicuous spot. *You can’t use it on any matte coated surface.
Q Can I use the product on a mirror stainless surface?
A. Indeed, you can. Even stainless products can get rusty. MEKKING helps your stainless items to maintain their luster and prevent corrosion.
Q. Can I use the product on stainless mufflers?
A. Indeed, you can. Even stainless products can get rusty. MEKKING helps your stainless items to maintain their luster and prevent corrosion.
Q. Can I use the product on alumite?
A. Of course. It works very well on alumite, which is prone to discoloring and fraying. MEKKING can prevent discoloring from ultraviolet light, but the applied surface might get spotty depending on the color of alumite. Please test the product on an inconspicuous spot before you apply the product on a large area. We are not responsible for the effect of the product on alumite.
Q. How long does it take to complete hardening?
A. It takes 24 hours.
Q. Up to what temperature can the product resist?
A. It can resists up to 200 degrees Celsius. There is no issue with using the product on the covers of motorbike engines.
Q. The website says the product needs to be applied very thinly. Can a thin layer work well?
A. If there is a thick layer of the product on the surface, the surface might appear clear coated. It loses the luster of metal coating. Several thin layers can maintain the luster on the plating. (It becomes glossier by improving the quality of mirror surface). Since it is a glass layer, it has excellent durability.
Q. How much does one bottle have?
A. It’s the equivalent of 30 bikes or 15 decorated trucks.
Q. Should I apply the product on items that are plated at your company?
A. It is better to apply MEKKING even for the items that we have plated. Our plating is quite thick, so it doesn’t rust easily, but the thick layer is the base of the metal plating. The chrome plating on the top surface is very thin and also there are some invisible holes. Even ones that we have metal plated can get water spots. MEKKING can prevent those water spots. There could be seven layers of plating. (If you regularly apply MEKKING on the products that we have plated, you will never have to worry about rust. In fact, the displays we use at events are still sparkling since we apply MEKKING to the 10 year old plating on a regular basis.)
Q. Does it come with a cloth?
A. There are two sparkling cleaning cloths. Sparkling cleaning cloths are 100 times as fine as expensive spectacles wiping cloths. Please note that you need to throw them away when they get too dirty or stiff to use. They cannot be washed.
Q. What can I do if there are spotty areas?
A. If they are thin spots, you can wipe them off with a dry or wet Sparkling cleaning cloth.
If they are thick spots, please use SABITORIKING.
Q. What kind of chemical is it?
A. It's made to react only to rust without reacting to the chrome plating. It has abrasive cleanser, so chrome plating might get peeled off if you polish too much.
Q. Can I use the product on other items besides chrome plating?
A. The product is specifically made for chrome plating. You can use the product on stainless items; however, in this case, the surface of your item gets scuffed after you polish. Please wipe if off with a dry cloth until there is no scuff marks.
Q. Can I get rid of heavy rusting?
A. you can't remove severe rusting with SABITORIKING. The only way to fix it might be re-plating. Please feel free to contact us for replating.
Q. Can I use the product on plating that has a plastic base?
A. There are circumstances in which the product might damage plastic. Please test the product on an inconspicuous spot.
Q. It contains an abrasive cleanser. Does it discolor my item?
A. The product is made so that it is hard to peel off or discolor the plating.
Q. Doesn’t it damage my item?
A. We can’t say it never damages your item. However, there is a special cloth that catches rust and absorbs it. A normal towel takes off dirt and rust in a spreading movement, so it might damage your item. Please use the accessory cloth when you apply the product.
Q. Can SABITORIKING work on moldings of Europe made cars?
A. Metal plating of Europe made cars is mostly alumilite molding, not chrome. SABITORIKING is made for chrome plating. Therefore, it doesn’t work as well on corrosion on alumilite (anodal oxidation layer of aluminum). Little dirt or rust can be removed, but serious corrosion cannot be removed. Alumite has an aluminum layer on aluminum, so whittling away at corrosion with a compound is the only way to clean the surface. Bare aluminum can get corroded soon after polishing. An effective way to prevent damage. You can tell the difference between chrome moldings and alumite moldings by burn-in. If it turns on electricity, that is likely to be chrome plating. If not, it is likely to be alumilite molding (the bare aluminum can turn on electricity).
Alumilite layer (aluminum)
Q. I polish my item with SABITORIKING, but I can’t get rid of the rust. There are some spots.
A. The spots are not rust, but rust marks. When you touch them, they are smooth. The rust has been removed, but the marks have stayed. The only way to fix it is re-plating. ★The bottom line is this, the spotty marks can only be fixed by replating. Please help us re-plate our items. To quote→ please click here. *We highly recommend MEKKING as prevention so that your items wouldn’t experience such situation. To replate a fender on a car it costs 30,000 to 50,000 yen for replating. Buffing cannot remove the corrosion marks completely, so they need to patty up. MEKKING is so much cheaper than replating. Please consider purchasing the product.
Q. Front fork metal plating covers get rusty in spite of its plastic material. Why does it get rust even through it’s made of plastic. Could I prevent this if I would have used MEKKING?
A. Even the material is plastic, metal plating work is done on the surface. The metal on the surface can get rusty. If you had applied MEKKING on a regular basis, you could have prevented the situation. As you can see in the picture, spotty rust comes out. This can be proof that your chrome plating has holes. It is vital to control spot rust at an early stage. MEKKING is reasonable when you consider replacing the item. In your case, you need to purchase a new part. We recommend using our product on your new item.
Q. I bought a metal plated wheel from a store. That wheel got swollen like the one in the picture. Could I have prevented this situation if I had used MEKKING?
A. It depends on the material of aluminum, but aluminum tends to cause plating to puff up from the holes on the surface.
Metal plating
---  Holes  ------------
Metal plating is done on top of the holes. So, it is only a matter of time before the plating starts to puff up. It is possible to prevent this by thickening the plating. However, thickening metal plating can be expensive. We recommend applying MEKKING in order to minimize the bulging surface, but it cannot completely stop the surface from puffing up. Normally when ■the water evaporates on the surface■ , the water comes into the holes and facilitates corrosion underneath the holes. Then, one day the surface starts to bulge, which leads to the metal plating flaking off.
MEKKING can block the water from coming into the holes.
Q. How can I maintain my item after application of the product?
A. If MEKKING is applied properly, water stain, dirt and dust should not stick to your item easily. We recommend using a metal plating maintenance cloth (a large Cleaning cloth). With using the cloth in wet and dry condition, you can tell the sparkling effect. You never have to worry about damaging your plated items. The cloth can be washable. Please wash and use it many times. It’s highly recommended.
Q. Can I use other types of cloths besides the accompanying ones?
A. We don’t recommend it. The alcohol and solvent in the chemical can dissolve the color in a normal cloth, which can be rubbed off on your item. (White cloths are no exception.) The accompanying Sparkling cleaning cloth is specially-treated so that it is diffluent to normal solvents. That’s why we don’t recommend using other types of cloths besides Sparkling cleaning cloth. *There are some reports of spotty result when users applied the product with other cloth.
Q. I’m happy with MEKKING. I’ve been using it on my Harley-Davidson. It’s great to see the glossy result. I’ve used up half of the product over two weeks. I applied it thinly several times. It’s nice and shiny now. How often should I apply it after the two weeks? By the way, thanks to the product, the line scratches on the plating have become inconspicuous.
A. It’s great to know that you’ve used half of the product. It’s excellent. MEKKING can build up an amazing layer by putting on several thin layers. This improves durability of plating. The reason why the line scratches have become inconspicuous is proof of good application of the product. It’s impossible to fix the marks completely, but MEKKING has a function of repairing small scratch marks on a surface. Please note that you are only applying protective solvent on your item, so it can make scratch marks obscure, but it can’t completely fix the marks. Going back to the topic, you only need to apply the product three times over the first 2 to 6 weeks. After that you need to do so a couple of times a year.
Q. How can I apply the product evenly? Also, is there any way to fix uneven coating?
A. Please apply the product very thinly until there is no uneven area. The hardening process starts 10 minutes into application. Please check the surface again and make the application even. Thin spotty areas can be removed by a dry and a wet cloth. You can use SABITORIKING for thick spotty areas.

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