Application: metal plating, rust cleaning (for chrome plating)
Components: abrasive cleanser, fatty acid sodium
Appearance: fawn-colored viscous liquid
Quantity: 140g
■Shake the product well and put some on a cleaning cloth. Then polish off the rust.
■Wipe it off with a dry cloth.
■There is no tearing or discoloration of metal plating.
■No need to worry about pre-soaking. You can get rid of rust quickly.
Precautions for use
■If you are going to use the product on resin plating, please try the product on an inconspicuous part first just in case it damages the plastic.
■Please avoid using the product on gold, silver, copper plating.
■Please keep the product out of reach of children.
■If a child accidentally drinks some of the product, please take some first-aid measures, such as giving milk to the child, and consult your doctor.
■If you get the product in your eyes, please wash it away thoroughly and consult your doctor.
■Although the product is specially made for chrome plating, it can be used for stainless-steel items.
In this case, the surface of your items get black after you polish. Please wipe if off with a dry cloth until there is no dinginess. Please avoid using the product on stainless-steel items with mirror finish.
■It might leave a scratch mark depending on the material of your item. Please test the product on an inconspicuous spot first.
MEKKING is a chemical that applies a glass layer (chrome brightening agent) as if you were using wax.
It doesn’t have any abrasive cleanser.
This is a metal plating protectant. You can make a strong layer by recoating thinly several times.
*Do not apply the product thickly! It becomes uneven!
*Make sure you apply the product very thinly.

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メッキング(内容量:100ml)&サビトリキング(140g) 価格:7,960円(税込)

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