Precautions for MEKKING usage
★Please put a couple drops of the product on our sparkling cleaning cloth and apply it thinly to the surface.
A few drops can cover around 10cm x 10cm. (1 drop =approximately 0.04 ml)
* The brightening agent can get uneven. Please apply very thinly.
*Key in this process is wiping the surface with a dry part of the cloth until it becomes even.
★The hardening process begins in 10 minutes or so after application. After you apply the product, please make sure that there are no spotty areas.
★It takes 24 hours to complete the hardening. Please make sure no water gets on the surface.
★MEKKING can resist up to 200 degree Celsius temperatures. You can use it on mufflers, but please do not use it on the first 15cm of the root of exhaust pipes.
★Please twist the black cap tight after removing the dry solids content of MEKKING around the mouth of the container.
*Please make sure you close the cap. →MEKKING might start hardening.
★Please be careful when you handle the container. It is made of glass. →It might break if you drop it.
★Please dispose of the cloth when it gets too dirty or stiff to use.
*If you polish your car with a cloth that is too dirty or stiff, your car might get some scratch marks.
Q. What should I do if there are any spotty areas?
A. If they are thin spots, you can wipe them off with Our sparkling cleaning cloth, metal plating maintenance cloth, and cleaning cloth.
If they are thick spots, please use SABITORIKING.
Q. Can I use other types of cloths besides the accompanying Sparkling cleaning cloth?
A. We don’t recommend using other types of cloths.
MEKKING contains alcoholic solvent. If you use other cloths, the color of the cloth might be rubbed off on to the surface of metal plating.

Considerations for the application of SABITORIKING
*Don’t polish, but stroke!
★After you shake the container, apply the product on a Cleaning cloth and gently stroke the surface with the cloth, changing the side of the cloth.
*Rust can be removed easily. If you keep on using the same side of the cloth, the removed rust on the cloth might damage the metal plating.
*The cleaning cloth can take in some of the removed rust to minimize the damage to the plating. However, the rust can still scratch the surface in some cases.
*Please be careful not to damage the plating of your precious cars.
★The product is made for chrome metal plating. Please avoid using the product on alumite items, and gold, silver and copper plating.
★There are some cases when the surface of the rust has been removed, but there is still some black rust deep inside.
If that’s the case, please spray “Parts Cleaner” after you apply SABITORIKING. The black rust might become white.
(If SABITORIKING can reach the black rust)
*If SABITORIKING can’t get rid of rust completely, please try this method.
★The rust that can’t be removed by the method is too deep. The only way to fix this issue is re-plating.
★Of course, we can help you with the replating process. Please feel free to contact us!
★The product works on rust, but doesn’t affect chrome plating. It is made to avoid peeling off or discoloring the plating. However, since it contains an abrasive cleanser, the plating might get peeled off or damaged if you polish it too much.
Please apply a sufficient amount of the product and wipe gently.

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