■ Considerations for the application of MEKKING
MEKKING provides excellent water-proof and acid-proof functions. It prevents weathering and degradation on the base surface.
It fixes small scratches on the base surface.
After desiccation, there is a glassy layer, which has 3H to 4H hardness degree.
Protection of metal plating
(1) Please wash the surface to get rid of the dirt, waste, oil, and wax. They stop MEKKING from sticking fast.
Also, please dry the plating after you wash.
(2) Apply MEKKING evenly.
(3) It usually takes one hour for the product to dry, but please make sure that water does not touch the surface.
■ Considerations for application
Please follow all the precautions below when using the product. It is volatile solvent, which might cause intoxication if you inhale the fume.
(1) MEKKING is flammable. Please ventilate the room and watch out for fire on using the product.
(2) Do not use for spray work.
(3) Please use MEKKING as it is. You cannot use the product after water or foreign matter gets mixed into the content.
(4) The product can resist up to 200 degree Celsius temperatures. You can use it on mufflers, but please do not use it on the first 15cm of the root of exhaust pipes.
(5) Please do not use the product in any of the circumstances listed below. Please fix the issue first before you use the product.
Troubles in conditions and environment
Example solution
The base isn’t dried completely
Please take sufficient time to dry the base.
The humidity is high.
Please use devices such as a fan and a dehumidifier to make a better environment for the product.
The temperature on the base is over 40 degrees under the summer heat.
Please organize another time and the day for using the product.
The temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius or it is frosty weather.
Please use a device, such as Jet Heater, to create a better environment for the product.
(5) After ventilation of the solvent, the anchoring effect ends. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to become completely hardened.
(6) Please make sure water does not touch the surface within 24 hours of application of the product.
(7) If you accidentally get the product in your mouth or eyes, please wash it out thoroughly and seek the advice of a doctor.
(8) If you get any of the product on your skin or clothes, please wash it away quickly.
(9) Please keep the product in a cold dark place inaccessible to children. Please do not keep the product inside a car or transfer the product into another container.
(10) Please use exhaust equipment and ventilate the area well when applying the product.
(11) Please do not touch the product. We recommend you use a gas mask, an air-supplied mask, protective glasses, protective gloves, and a protective apron if desired.
(12) Please wash your hands thoroughly after you use the product.
(13) Please do not use the product except for intended purposes.
Clear and colorless
Flammable - Keep Fire Away
Specialty silicon
Keep the product sealed in 5 to 30 ℃.
The fourth category The first petroleum substance The second hazard classification.
●The components of the product might change without any notice due to improvement of the product.

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