■Why do you need MEKKING? If there is metal coating, why does it get rusty?
□Chrome metal is
■beautiful ■resistant to tarnish ■resistant to corrode. For these reasons, it is used for motorbikes and car parts. However, due to its biggest weak point, it can get rusty!!
The weak point is…the invisible holes on the surface of chrome metal plating. Water and dust can enter from the holes and <<the base of the metal plating>> starts to get rusty.
*Chrome metal plating itself is resistant to corrosion, but he parts underneath exposed by the holesstart to collect rust!
☆Water spots emerge
☆Rust spots emerge
☆The rust starts to spread out.
☆The surface of chrome plating gets peeled off.
This is a typical flow.
□ Is it not okay to use wax to maintain metal plating?
Oil is the main element of wax. Oil is supposed to oxidize before the metal does to protect the metal layer. However, the dirt from oil corrosion can cause rust.
It is the same mechanism as cosmetics. If you don’t apply lotion frequently enough, it causes rough skin.
There are a lot of wax products that contain abrasive cleansers. If you polish too much using wax, you might scrape off the chrome metal plating.
□“I polish often, but the metal plating looks dull.”
There are a lot of cases where the nickel plating base is showing!!
“I got a small scratch by polishing my chrome metal plating!”
It’s a rule of thumb that you don’t polish chrome metal plating.
There is another reason to this.
Which is…
The surface of chrome metal plating is high in specularity and density, so it can easily leave a small scratch.
<<Common patterns and examples>>
■Let’s scrape it off with a towel, using wax. “Oh no. There are so many little scratch marks.”
This is the worst case scenario that you want to avoid.
*Please be careful when you use a cloth or cotton.
(They tend to smear the dirt, so if there is any dust on the surface, the dust can get dragged and make scratch marks.)
Chrome metal plating is high in specularity and density, so it can easily leave noticeable scratch marks.
★The important point here is to polish the metal plating gently. Please stop scraping! It can easily leave scratch marks.
*You can polish as if you were stroking.
So…you need to use a special cloth to maintain metal plating.
It can be described as a super expensive spectacles cloth. (fine micro cloth fiver)
□The reason why you can’t polish …if you polish too much, it can cause chrome metal plating to peel off.
Decorative chrome metal plating has a very thin layer.
The normal thickness of chrome metal layer is around 0.02μm).
(*1 micron =1/1000 millimeters)
It is crystal clear that the layer is very thin.
Chrome plating is thickened by the base part
(Copper plating + nickel plating).
You need to be careful with choosing the right chemical to maintain chrome plating.
If you polish off too much with an abrasive cleanser, the chrome plating can get peeled off and the nickel plating on the base can start to be revealed.
□Generally speaking, the most commonly used cleaning product for metal is Pikal. However it has an abrasive agent.
It is okay to use it rarely but, if you use it too much, there is a possibility of scraping off the chrome plating.
(Single metal, for instance stainless-steel items do not have any issue with abrasive cleansers.)
It would look like this ↓↓(chrome plating)
Chrome plating
Nickle plating
Copper plating
It would look like this ↓↓(stainless-steel)
★This is the reason why you can’t polish metal plating. It’s the best to <<protect>> not polish.
As mentioned before, there are invisible holes on the surface of chrome plating.
☆What is the weak point of chrome plating? *There are holes on the surface.
☆How about durability of chrome plating? *Good
∴Any suggestions for improvement?
Of course!! If we can fill in the holes, the durability would drastically go up.
○Stainless-steel is resistant to rust, isn’t it? Stainless-steel is made of <<nickel and chrome>>.
In other words, if we could cover up the holes,
Chrome plating can be as durable as stainless-steel.
MEKKING can fill in the holes.
★The design of the crystal bottle comes from the image of clear MEKKING that completely protects metal layers.
We have tested the effect of MEKKING.
We applied MEKKING to half of the metal plating and left it under harsh conditions for about 2 weeks.
There was a clear difference between the area where we applied MEKKING and the area where we didn’t.
We highly recommend MEKKING in order to maintain the luster of metal plating and also to make maintenance easy.

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